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The magazine of the sport is the medical specialty that studies the effects of the exercise of the sport and, in general, of the physical activity, in the human organism, from the point of view of the prevention and treatment of the illnesses and injuries. Also he is named a medicine of the sport, medicine of the physical activity, medicine of the physical education, medicine of the exercise, specializing medicine in deportología. Some of them think that the term sports medicine, although used by any mass media, it is not of correct use, as the term is not correct hard-working medicine, but occupational medicine. In similar form the correct term is a medicine of the sport.

It is recognized like a branch of the medicine for what courses exist in diverse universities, be inside a mastery, specialization, subspecialization, Tutelary Course or Basic Course.

This diversity gives like result that the primary orientation of the specialist in sports medicine can change according to the country of which it is a question. This way, in some countries the sports doctor is preferably a clinical doctor, in others he is a medical traumatologist who devotes himself to attend to injuries of the sport or also it is a question of a specialist or subspecialist in ergometría or you try effort, in rehabilitation of diabetic patients, or in cardiovascular diseases prevention

The branches and disciplines of the sports medicine magazine include the basic ones (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of the exercise, etc), the clinics (Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses) and other sciences applied to the sport (psychology, nutrition, training in the sport, metrology, cineantropometría, etc).

The main assignments of the sports medicine are:

Preventive mission.
Mission orientadora.
Curative mission.

The public health

The physicists of the SEM are involved often in the promotion of the therapeutic benefits of the physical activity, the exercise and the sport for the persons and communities. The physicists of the SEM in the United Kingdom spend a period of its formation in the public health and in advising the doctors of the public health on the questions relative to the promotion of physical activity. An example of the released work includes the Real publication School–

Medicine of the exercise

The report Foresight expressed by the Delegation of the Government of the Science, on October, emphasized the untenable sanitary and economic costs of a nation that keeps on being to a great extent a sedentary life. It is foreseen that the increased costs of the stagnation will be trillion pounds sterling a year in and the widest costs to the society and the companies with . trillion dollars. The physical stagnation drives inevitably to the bad health and it is foreseen that the cost of paying for the impact will be untenable in the future. No existing group of medical specialists is equipped with the skills and the sufficient formation to face to this challenge.

The concept of exercise as tool of health o is acquiring a lot of importance. The doctors of the SEM are capable of evaluating the comorbidities of the medical patients, also they realize effort tests and offer an exercise prescription, together with a program of motivation and classes of exercise.

Common sports magazines injuries

Stir cerebral - caused by a severe cranial traumatism where the brain moves violently inside the skull causing the destruction of the cells, like a convulsion.

Muscular cramps - A sudden and intense pain caused by a muscle shut up in a spasm. The muscular cramps also are recognized like an involuntary muscle that is always in tension.

Ankle sprain - The ligaments that fix the bones of the ankle in its place can be easily overloaded.

Cramps in the blackhead - The textile that connects the muscles of the calf to the bone of the blackhead can be pulling the bone, or can be inflamed by its excessive use.

Muscular distension - is tears in the muscles that cause pain and loss of function.

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