The extreme sports

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The extreme sports are all those sports or free time activities, or professional with some sports component that they endure a real or apparent danger for the difficult or extreme conditions in which they are practised.


The extreme sports are all those activities or you discipline mostly already existing, but that due to special circumstances or situations partículares implicit like the danger and the difficulty of realizing them, they are considered to be ends.

Under this concept there gather together many already existing sports that imply certain dose of physical demand and especially, mentally. The most demanding sports are included inside the hiking (climbed in ice, climbed in rock, etc.), and others of recent creation like (Bungee jumping, snowboarding, canopy, etc.).


A sport, not considered to be an end, it is possible to define this way if it is practised under special conditions or not habitual particular circumstances in. For example, the climb in rock to a few centimeters of the soil (bulder) is not considered to be "an extreme sport", but if it is realized in a rocky vertical wall to several hundreds of meters of height, then yes the term is applied to him.

It is possible to be considered that a person goes in for a "extreme sport" when it does it for the first time. For example, the class white-water rafting IV is quite extreme for those who earlier had never been raised to a raft and they will feel it as much over its personal capacities.


The term "extreme sport" is not adapted to apply it when a recreational activity or Tourism is realized simply not of masses, cultural tourism, historical tourism, archaeological tourism, etc. Neither it must be defined by the environmental conditions, slightly quite subjectively and dependently on the preparation grade. On the other hand, the term can be applied when one goes in for a sport in the current development limits, be a mountaineering, athletics, gymnastics or any other.

At present, in some countries one begins using the term "sport of adventure" when they go in for sports of higher risk of the normal thing without being professionals. An example of this is the difference that exists between "speleology" and "espeleísmo": the first one refers to a scientific activity, while the second one refers to those persons who practise it for sport.

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