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The sport is a regulated physical activity, normally of competitive character, which in some cases improves the physical and psychic condition of the one who practises it and has properties that separate it from the simple game.

Magazines defines sport as a «physical activity exercised like game or competition, which practice supposes training and subjection to norms»; also, in the second meaning, wider, as «recreation, pastime, pleasure, diversion or physical exercise, for the common thing outdoors». On the other hand, the European Letter of the sport defines it as: "All the forms of physical activity that by means of an organized or not participation, take as a target the expression or the progress of the physical and psychic condition, the development of the social relations or the securing of results in competition of all the levels».

Institutionally, so that an activity is considered to be a sport, it must be endorsed by administrative structures and of control admitted that they are in charge of regulating it (the sports organizations). The fact that any activity is not recognized institutionally like sport, does not prevent it from being able to be popularly, how it happens with the rural sport or with the alternative sports magazines.

In spite of not entering the definition, certain activities keep similarities with the sport and that's why yes there is the one who considers them to be as such. For example, the chess is a game in which physical activity is not realized, but it is regulated, has competitive character and it is endorsed by official federations, for what some of them consider to be one it defecate

Also, in accordance with the International Olympic Committee, the practice of the sport is a human right, and one of the fundamental beginning of the Olympic movement is that «every person must have the possibility of going in for sport without discrimination of any type and inside the Olympic spirit, which demands mutual comprehension, solidarity and friendship spirit and of fair play».

There exist tools and structures that they suggest that the Chinese already realized sports activities in the year to. C. The gymnastics seem to have been a popular sport in the Antigua China. The monuments indicate to the emperors that a certain sports quantity, including the swimming and the fishing, they were already designed and regulated thousands of years ago in the Ancient one Egipto. Other Egyptian sports include the throwing of javelin, the high jump and the struggle. Some sports of the Antigua Persia like the Iranian martial Zourkhaneh art are tied to the skills in it battle Between other original sports of Persia the pole and the joust are. On the other hand, in America the Middle American cultures as the Mayan were practising the called game of ball which in turn was a ritual.

A wide sports variety they were already established in the epoch of the Antigua Greece, and the military culture and the development of the sports in Greece were influenced mutually. For the Greeks the sport was a very important part of its culture, therefore they created the Olympic Games, a competition that disputed from B.C. until A.D. every four years in Olimpia, a small population in the Peloponeso gm In there were celebrated the first Olympic Games of the modern age, in Athens, thanks to the initiative of the baron Pierre de Coubertin to recover the spirit of the ancient Games adding an international character. The modern Olympic Games regulated by the International Olympic Committee, have turned into the biggest multidisciplinary international sports event, with more than nations participantes.

The sports have seen developing its capacity of organization and regulation from the times of the Antigua Greece up to the actuality. The industrialization has increased the time of free time of the citizens in the developed country, driving to a major dedication of the time to see sports competitions and more participation in sports activities, facilitated by a major accessibility to sports facilities. These rules continue with the arrival of the massive mass media. The professionalism in the sport turned into something common similar there was increasing the popularity of the sports and the number of fans who were following the exploits of the professional athletes across the information means.

At present, many persons do exercise to improve its health and way of life; the sport is considered to be a healthy activity that it helps to be supported in psychological form and physically, especially in the old age.

Professional sport

The aspect of entertainment of the sport, along with the growth of the mass media and the increase of the time of free time, they have provoked that profesionalice the world of the sport. This has driven to certain polemic, since for the professional sportsman the money or the reputation can become more important that the proper sports act in itself. At the same time, some sports magazines pdf have evolved to obtain major benefits or to be more popular, sometimes getting lost some valuable traditions.

The soccer in Europe and Latin America, or the American soccer and the baseball pdf magazines in the United States, are examples of sports that move a year enormous money quantities.

This evolution drives to an increase of the competitiveness, since the struggle for the victory acquires another meaning after the economic paragraph is included also. This increase, also, leads to the appearance of an important negative side of the professionalism, including the use of diverse cunning arguments or pitfalls like the practice of the doping on the part of the sportsmen.

Physical art

The sports share an affinity high degree with the art. You discipline like the figure skating on ice or the taichí, there are sports very near to artistic spectacles in themselves. Traditional activities as the gymnastics and the yoga, or more recent like the body building, the tricking and the parkour also they share proper elements of the sport with artistic elements.

The fact that the art is so near to the sport in some situations it is probably related to the nature of the sports. The sport definition establishes the idea of executing an activity not only for the habitual intention; for example, not to run only to come somewhere, but to run for proper will, in order to maintain the physical state.

This is similar to a common vision of the esthetics, which contemplates the objects beyond its utility. For example, to value a car not for taking from one place to other, but for its form, figure, etc. In the same way, a sports activity as the jump is not valued only like an effective way of avoiding obstacles; also they count the skill, the workmanship and the style.


Cheers. The technology is present from the nutrition up to the treatment of injuries, increasing the potential of the sportsman. The contemporary athletes are capable of going in for sport at major ages, of recovering more quickly than injuries and of training of form more effective than in previous generations. A negative aspect of the technology applied to the sport consists of the design and consumption of substances dopantes, which improve the yield of the sportsman up to very high levels, sometimes going so far as to affect seriously to the health of the same one, being able to cause irreversible damages in the body or even the death. For this reason, in a big number of sports magazines pdf download, the above mentioned substances are prohibited for the different regulatory organs of the sport at a professional level, being able to mean its consumption the disqualification or the disqualification of the offender.
Instruction. The advances of the technology have created new opportunities in the sports investigation. Now it is possible to analyze aspects of the sport that earlier were out of the scope of our comprehension. Skills as the apprehension of movements or the simulations for computer have increased the knowledge about the actions of the athletes and the way in which these can be improved. The progress in technology also has served to improve the training systems, sometimes assisted by machines designed for such an effect. Practical case is in the cycling. To the date, a series of investigations has been realized in wind tunnels in order to improve the position on the bicycle, thus to reach perfect aerodynamics in which the resistance to the wind is the possible minor.

Equipment. In certain sports categories, the sportsman uses of diverse set of instruments to carry out the activity, like the bats used in baseball or the balls used in soccer or basketball. All of them have seen how its characteristics have been changing with the step of the years to improve the sports yield, faltering factors as the hardness or the weight of the same ones. Also, in some sports of physical contact the use of protective team becomes necessary on the part of the sportsman, as for example in American soccer. These protections also have been evolving with the step of the years and the proper evolution of the technology, going towards more comfortable and sure elements for the sports practice.
Sport and society

The sport has a big influence in the society; he emphasizes in a notable way its importance in the culture and in the construction of the national identity. In the practical ambience, the sport has tangible and predominantly positive effects in the spheres of the education, the economy and the public health.

In the educational area, the sport plays a role of transmission of values to children, adolescent and even adult. In conjunction with the physical activity there are obstinate values of respect, responsibility, commitment and dedication, between others, serving to a process of socialization and of involvement with the progress of the structures and attitudes sociales. The sport he helps to establish social relations between different persons and different cultures and this way he helps to inculcate the respect notion towards others, teaching how to compete constructively, without doing of the opposition an end in himself Another important social value in the sport is learning of how winning and how to be able to recognize the defeat without sacrificing the goals and targets.

In the economic paragraph, the influence of the sport magazine is undoubted, due to the persons' quantity that they go in for the sport as well as those who enjoy it like masses spectacles, doing of the important sports business that they finance to the sportsmen, agents, means, tourisms and also by implication, to other sectors of economy

The practice of the sport raises also the well-being and the quality of life of the society for the beneficial effects of the physical activity, so much for the corporal health as the emotional one; the persons who go in for sport and other not sedentary activities regularly usually feel more satisfied and experience, subjectively, a major well-being.

The phenomenon of the sport as representation of the society can explain its importance as spectacle. In this roll, the sports meetings serve to affirm the value and the fitness not only of the players, but of the community whom they represent. It is common that the results in the international competitions are interpreted as a ratification of the culture and even of the political system of the country to which represent them deportistas. East aspect of the sport can have negative effects, like violence explosions during or after competiciones. On the other hand, the sport is considered to be a way to diminish the violence and crime in the society.

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