Sciences of the sport

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Sciences of the sport or sciences of the sport it is one of the areas of the human knowledge tied to the studies of the techniques and methods used in the training and in the physical preparation of individuals and teams for sporting competitions. It is the area of acting of the professional formed in a faculty of sport or sciences of sport.

Area of acting of the bachelor's degree in sport magazine

The bachelor's degree course in sport magazines pdf takes the preparation as an objective of suitable professionals for the exercise of activities inherent in the development of sporting competitions, in the next actings and main functions:

Technical and tactic direction of athletes and / or teams in several sporting kinds;
Organic and functional athletes preparation in several sporting kinds;
Organization and promotion of the sport near directorships of clubs, leagues, federations, confederations, national and international Olympic committee, municipal, regional, state, federal organs (departments, general offices, ministries) and particular undertakings.
Sciences of the sport and physical education

There is still great confusion about two graduations, is very common the persons they confuse the course of sport / science of the sport with education it do However, who takes a degree in physical education will have matters more connected with the areas of biological sciences and of the health, being prepared for an acting straightly connected with the teaching and with the application of physical activities for persons or groups, be in school environments, be in academies and sporting centers. Already the alumnus in sport or sciences of the sport, acts like technician, physical preparation of athletes, management and sporting marketing and organization of sporting events. In general, these professionals dispute the same waves in the market of work

Labor market

The labor market is spacious and be still much being explored, the professional formed in sciences of the sport is suitable working with sporting teams, clubs, escolinhas of sporting initiation, personal trainer, in enterprises of marketing and sporting consultancy, between other functions practised inside the sporting extent.

In the last years, the professional formed in sciences of the sport magazines pdf, has been finding good opportunities of work. That is due, in part, to the fact of Brazil of having hosted important international sporting competitions, like the Pan-American Plays, carried out in the Rio de Janeiro, in , and of hosting the Top of the World of soccer in , and futuramente the Olympic Games in , which stimulates the population to look for a sporting practice. The specialists in sporting initiation, training and physical conditioning find a fertile market in escolinhas of childlike sport, clubs and academies, besides athletic confederations. They are made a request to act in the technical and tactic part, in the physical preparation and in the organization and promotion of events, like championships, tournaments and festivals. Also they are contracted how personal trainer to give particular classrooms. The manufacturers and distributors of sporting materials look for the professional with knowledges of administration and marketing


To act like professional of the sport a degree course is necessary, during which it will study the disciplines connected with physiology individual and collective, biochemistry, biomechanics, anatomy, sporting training, sporting psychology, administration and sporting legislation, marketing and tactic and technical training of kind. There are several universities in the world that offer the course, mainly in Europe.

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