Fun sport

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Fun sport is above all in the area of the marketing a used concept which stands for different trend sports and extreme sports. An exact demarcation compared with these is not possible. Fun sport is as a new lexeme since middle of the s in the use and calls sporty activities with which pleasure and common experience are in the foreground. Duden took up the concept for the first time and defines fun sport as an „unconventional sport with which the pleasure is in the foreground“. The concept is not used into English, besides, it concerns a so-called pseudo Anglicism for trend and experience sports.

Fun sport the experience stands for sports with those there should be in the foreground, and not the performance thought and successful thought. Thus are this as a rule no team's sports, but mostly collectively exercised individual sports. The target group are mostly youngsters or young adults. As a component of the youth culture above all springboard sports are popular like skateboard and snowboard. The attraction of the fun sports it arises by a combination of brands, fashions, music and activity which stamps all together the leisure behaviour of youngsters.

The sports scientist Jürgen Schwier defined fun sport as the „youth-culturally impregnated movement methods“ which are provided like stylish „variations of traditional sports games“ and „to rather exotic activities“ how tip kick and night golfs often „with the vague label "fun sports". “

Typical examples of sports called fun sport are droll sports like Bobby's Car race, extreme ironing, wellington wide throw, mobile phone wide throw, office golf, dirndl jumping and Frauentragen as well as the wok world championship.

In an other sense the sports Beachbasketball, Beachvolleyball, Wakeboarden, Kite-Surfen and frisbee can be also assigned to the area of the fun sport, even if with them the aspect of the serious sport is stronger coined.

Next in America very much likes become fun sports the lasers are a day and Paintball which are played, in the meantime.

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